Private Data & Cyber Risk Solutions

Helping you guard your private data

The value of digital data is often overlooked – until it is compromised. Our increasing dependence on the Internet, email, and online databases may make us more efficient, but it also puts us at increased risk of sensitive materials purposely or accidentally falling into the wrong hands. Technology is changing daily and the ways in which information is collected, distributed, and even hacked, can change in an instant.

The primary party collecting the data is legally responsible to notify affected 3rd parties (customers, employees) that sensitive info may have been compromised. They are also legally obligated to take measures to reduce further escalation of potential losses (credit monitoring, credit card replacements, etc). For a smaller business owner that uses Cloud and/or Payment Processors, the notification costs alone could be of catastrophic impact. To better understand informational and digital assets, think of them as you would physical assets in any other risk management scenario. Having a full grasp and inventory of information collected, stored, or managed is the key to being prepared for any breach event.

Melo Risk Advisors,in partnership with one of the nation’s leading IT Security firmsand one of the world’s largest Privacy & Cyber Liability Insurance Companies, have launched a comprehensive solution to manage and address these cyber risks. The solution consists of the following two elements which can be purchased individually or as a package:


Design & development of a risk management plan for safeguarding private information. This process, which can include a penetration/hacking test exercise,helps ensure that sensitive data is as “secure” as possible (PCI compliance, HIPAA compliance, acceptable social media use, etc).


A cost effective CyberInsurance policy that’s specifically tailored to the unique conditions of your organization. The policy can provide some key coverage elements such as:

  • Notification costs and credit monitoring services for affected 3rd parties
  • Insured’s own Private data breach Coach, 24 hour kiosk, reputational damage management
  • Coverage for loss of revenue as a result of the breach.
  • Fines that can be imposed by various regulatory agencies



“Paul & Adrian’s team are the only ones that could provide us with the high level of
multi-lingual and restaurant specific risk management/insurance expertise we required for our operations. Their creativity and understanding of our unique needs, coupled with their responsiveness is what really makes the difference, and the reason we trust our risk and insurance needs in their capable hands.”

Jose Luis Ayala
Las Palmas Group of Restaurants