Melo Manufacturing & Distribution

M2protects as you manufacture and store

The increasingly globalized manufacturing environment presents unique risks and opportunities requiring skills of specialists with industry experience and expertise.

The constant pressure on managing time and quality whilst reducing costs warrants a comprehensive risk management approach. Our complete product breadth and innovative solutions can help manufacturers proactively identify, manage and mitigate risks.

The overall results typically are reduced direct and indirect costs combined with higher efficiency resulting in an improved competitive position.

Some of our manufacturing specific deliverables are:

  • Supply Chain Risk Management – Tactical considerations and strategies to minimize impacts of disruptions to your supply chain.
  • Total Account Solutions by integrating all coverages and reducing coverage gaps and overlaps.
  • Trade Credit – Solutions that can help increase your credit line plus working capital.
  • Absence, Health & Productivity Management – Practical engineering programs to mitigate and control escalating costs related to sprains/strains and an aging workforce.
  • Business Continuity including Emergency Preparedness.
  • Privacy & Data Security Liability – Coverage for losses due to breach of Private Customer Information (data theft, privacy violations, security breaches, loss of reputation and down time).
  • Product Safety and Liability Prevention – Risk engineers with specialized training and experience in product safety and liability.
  • ISO 9001 Certification – Partnership with one of the only ISO 9001 certified Risk Engineering insurance service providers.

When it comes to risk management in the manufacturing arena, we invite you to learn more about how our international experts can help you better protect your bottom line while improving your competitive position.



“Paul & Delfine are the only individual that could provide us with the level of manufacturing specific risk management and insurance expertise we required for our operations. Their understanding of our unique needs, coupled with the high service level they provide to us is what really makes the difference, and the reason we trust our risk management and insurance services to be in their capable hands.”

Rachel Gaines
Director Purchasing
La Hacienda Tortilleria, Inc.